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October 2007

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freakin_sweet in top_five

top 5 reasons I love having kids

  1. When you tell them something like: "You have a hole in your foot!" cause they have been eating non-stop for days on end (growth spurt) and the kid inspects their foot and then looks at you and says "Where's the hole in my foot mommy?  I can't find it anywhere!"

  2. When they give you their most treasured stuffed animal just because you are having a bad day, and they add a hug and a whispered "It'll be ok, I love you mommy!"

  3. Knowing that I am responsible for how these little people behave and act makes me behave and act more responsibly.  Receiving  compliments on how great and well behaved my kids are, and hearing about how sweet they are, makes all my moments of doubt melt away.  It's the one thing I am confident of--my parenting skills.  I have no particular methods of doing things, and I often wonder if I am totally screwing them up, but the positive feedback assures me that I am on the right track with them.  They may act like trolls at home, but I can deal with that as long as they aren't monsters around other people. 

  4. "I love you mommy.  You're the best mommy ever!"

  5. Watching them find their ways in this world is fascinating, though often painful (cause I can't hold their hand through all of life's trials, and I can't protect them from every insult or hurt).  They are smart little humans, and I really have learned a lot from them and because of them. 

*I have learned to be more tolerant of things I can not stand (13 years of watching Barney, for example.  If I had not seen positive results from my kids, that damn dinosaur would've been trashed ages ago.  I wonder if my mom felt that way about Sesame Street and The Electric Company??)

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